Historic Preservation by Facade Maintenance Design in the Gould Memorial Library, Bronx, NY


The ultimate goal of historic preservation is to prolong the life span of the structure and avoid, if possible, the need for extensive and costly restoration. The older and more fragile the original structure the more difficult that task becomes.

The Amsterdam Theater, New YorkAs a result of its work with architecturally significant buildings, FacadeMD has developed restoration techniques that can preserve and protect aging facades, as well as reveal and repair underlying deterioration and damage. Key to preservation success is unflagging vigilance in spotting and forestalling damage from age, natural use, abuse, insects and the elements.

The starting point is a thorough professional FacadeMD visual survey combined with recommended laboratory materials testing and other related procedures. FacadeMD will devise a regular maintenance plan that highlights potential problem areas and stresses specific guardian recommendations for periodic follow-up examinations.

Samples of Historic Preservation Projects

Woolworth Building; New York City
McGraw Hill Building; New York City
452 Fifth Avenue; New York City
Gould Memorial Library; Bronx, New York

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