40 Park Avenue, NY, NY 40 PARK AVENUE
Ruding Management Company (Owner/Manager )
New York City

Following partial failure of a large section of balcony masonry, the owners commissioned FacadeMD to conduct a survey of exterior walls, from the ground, from setback roofs and from swing staging, and to perform identification and analysis of deteriorated conditions, leading to the preparation of construction documents for the necessary restoration work. FacadeMD professionals conducted extensive renovation on the damage resulting from partial failure of face brick during routine maintenance, researching the original construction and developing simple and effective solutions to repair these deteriorated conditions.

The FacadeMD Team was responsible for the coordination of bidding and filing processes, and performance of periodic visits to the site during construction, in addition to administration of replacement of cracked and displaced face brick, replacement of deteriorated roofing and balcony waterproofing systems, the replacement of the deteriorated balcony railing system, pointing of deteriorated mortar, and the repair of corroded structural steel.


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