Verizon Communications (Owner)
Tishman Corp. (Construction Company)
Bronx, NY

Restoration, Window Replacement
As one of more than 25 Verizon buildings evaluated and restored by FacadeMD within the past three years, this structure required a program that would provide simple yet effective restoration and repairs that could be performed while telephone operations continued inside the buildings.

FacadeMD professionals conducted a survey of exterior walls, from the ground, from setback roofs and from swing scaffolding, and performed identification and analysis of deteriorated conditions, leading to the preparation of construction documents for restoration work. The FacadeMD Team was responsible for the design of replacement aluminum-framed double-hung windows as well as for the design of rehabilitation repairs to deteriorated interior finishes.

The FacadeMD Team designed the replacement of cracked and displaced face brick, partial replacement of displaced parapet walls, patching and replacement of deteriorated limestone ornamentation, pointing of deteriorated mortar, replacement of corroded structural steel, and repair of deteriorated structural concrete at the sidewalk vault structure.


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