Dormitory Authority, State of New York
Bronx, NY

Gould Memorial Library, formerly part of the NYU Uptown Campus, designed by Stanford White of noted architecture firm McKim, Mead and White Gould Museum, Bronxin the 1890s, is a local interior and exterior landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. FacadeMD led and worked with conservation professionals and specialized contractors to analyze and implement restoration and repairs which are expected to increase the life of the windows and ceiling of this spectacular building into the next century.

FacadeMD professionals conducted a survey and analysis of the guastavino tile dome and roofs, performed historic research and restoration of interior plaster cracks and finishes at the dome and barrel vaults, designed minimally invasive reattachment of life-sized hollow plaster Gould Museum, Bronxstatues, as well as analyzed and restored wood and stained glass windows by Tiffany & Company, and interior plaster finishes. Gould Museum, Bronx

The FacadeMD Team performed identification and analysis of deteriorated conditions, leading to the preparation of construction documents for restoration work, including resetting of the grand granite steps and design and installation of ADA compliant bronze handrails which were designed and engineered with structural aluminum cores to meet both structural and aesthetic requirements. Cracks at the plaster ceiling were adhered with a specially formulated adhesive to retain the original plaster. Plaster statues were re-adhered in-situ through 1-inch holes at the base via an articulating borescope and adhesive injector. Plaster finishes were restored with appropriate colors and materials based on chemical and microscopic analysis. Large stained glass windows are an extremely rare three-dimensional design by Tiffany & Company. The windows were removed, cleaned and re-leaded, and once again reveal their original brilliant colors to the library interior.

FacadeMD obtained approvals for work related to landmark status, recommended the contractors for bidding and performed periodic visits to the site during the restoration work.


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