Professional building exterior and facade rehabilitation begins with a thorough examination of the structure's existing condition including the underlying facade support, exterior surface, roofing, windows and any attachments such as porches, overhangs and stylistic treatments.

The examination generally includes a review of any original plans, related construction documents, previous repair work and updates to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the structure's current exterior condition.

The FacadeMD Team is experienced in many different types of structures and related construction techniques from load-bearing brick, concrete and masonry walls to veneers, including masonry cavity walls, metal and glass curtain walls, and exterior insulation & finish systems (EIFS) and other contemporary treatments. Each technique presents different challenges and suggests different solutions depending upon the location, severity, structural importance and underlying causes of the problem.

FacadeMD Investigative Reports clearly document the nature, scope, severity and extent of problem areas and recommended solutions. Recommendations are prioritized to emphasize hazardous conditions in need of immediate attention, areas requiring maintenance to prevent new or further deterioration and recommended work to upgrade appearances and lengthen facade life, including routine maintenance considerations.

FacadeMD Investigative Reports further contain rehabilitation options, associated cost estimates and comparisons, estimated construction timelines and other information pertinent to the building's exterior condition and supportive of owner/manager decision process requirements.


Sample Cross Section of Exterior and Facade Rehabilitation Projects

W Hotel - Union Square; New York City
40 West 86th Street; New York City
One Whitehall Street; New York City
New Amsterdam Theater; New York City


40 Park Avenue; New York City
500 Fifth Avenue; New York City
Verizon Switching Office; Bronx, New York

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