Roofing and windows are potential sources of water infiltration that could result in serious damage to facade support elements. Early detection and analysis of possible problems is critical. Modern construction materials and techniques present cost-efficient options for repair and replacement of roof and window systems, while the FacadeMD Team's expertise in resolving problems with unique and historic structures, offers realistic solutions to issues of restoration and preservation.

FacadeMD Survey Teams will carefully assess the cause, extent and severity of water infiltration and damage. Then, FacadeMD will analyze the results and present solution options taking into consideration the anticipated life of the structure, cost of repair vs. replacement (which in older structures may also relate to energy and future maintenance costs), historical restoration considerations and restrictions, or cosmetic concerns.

FacadeMD has experience with virtually all roofing materials and architectural treatments including historic clay tile, slate, sheet metal, asphaltic and single-ply, and roofing structures from timber-supported types to steel framing and truss-supported structures.

Thorough professional examination of existing conditions, review of legacy data and discussions with owner/managers are critical to arriving at the best short-term "quick fix" and long-term solution alternatives & decisions that can optimize the building's life span and economic usefulness.


Sample Cross Section of Roofing, Window & Waterproofing Projects

500 Fifth Avenue; New York City
944 Fifth Avenue; New York City
Verizon Switching Office; Bronx, New York
200 West 57th Street; New York City

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