FacadeMD Facade Maintenance Design, PC


New York City

Owners of this unusually tall (57-story) solid-wall brick masonry building located at the extremely exposed corner of Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, commissioned FacadeMDto conduct a survey of exterior walls, from the ground, from setback roofs and from swing scaffolding, and to perform Identification and analysis of deteriorated conditions, leading to the preparation of construction documents for necessary restoration work.

FacadeMD professionals were asked to perform an evaluation of all windows, leading to design of replacement aluminum double-hung windows, while at the masonry walls, FacadeMDmatched a multi-color pallet of face brick for corner replacement, and designed cast stone replacement units for deteriorated original "art-deco" style terra cotta.

The FacadeMDTeam administered replacement of cracked and displaced face brick, replacement and stabilization of existing terra cotta ornamentation with new GFRC and cast stone to match the original appearance of the building, pointing of deteriorated mortar, and repair of corroded structural steel.

FacadeMD assisted in detailing for the new construction at the top of the building as well as assisting in the bidding and filing processes and performing periodic visits to the site during construction.

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