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Since 1983, Facade Maintenance Design (FacadeMD) has specialized in the investigation, repair and rehabilitation of building exteriors and facades, restoring architectural beauty, preserving and protecting historical character, extending property life, and enhancing property value.

Headquartered in New York City, FacadeMDengineers, architects and restoration specialists are recognized problem-solving experts in exterior rehabilitation and restoration. The FacadeMDTeam is characterized by its painstaking professional approach to building facade examination, rehabilitation and regulatory compliance concerns. Devoted to the faithful restoration of architectural detail as well as cost-efficient measures to achieve preservation and integrity of exterior building facades, the FacadeMDTeam services additionally include the investigation and repair of water damage, seepage problems via windows and roofs and the preparation of legally-required building facade examination reports and filings.

The FacadeMDTeam begins by focusing its multi-disciplined experience on a thorough "needs analysis" of the structure's exterior, providing owners and property managers with an investigative inspection report of the exterior condition, including roof, cornice, facade, windows, foundations and other exterior architectural features. Whether the purpose of the examination is restoration, renovation or a required building survey, the FacadeMDTeam provides clear, detailed analysis of the current status, recommended restoration or rehabilitation requirements, prioritized solutions, timeline and cost estimates.

Based upon the detailed FacadeMDTeam investigative report, property managers and owners have the appropriate documentation to prepare project bid documents, obtain budget approvals, arrange financing or "forward plan" building improvements from cash flow. FacadeMD documentation further provides for legal filings and, if required, expert witness testimony.

The success of FacadeMDrestoration techniques and FacadeMDTeam training is evidenced by the many repeat assignments and referrals from existing and former clients - owners, managers and agents for high-rise commercial buildings, revered historical structures, important public institutions Back to top and well-known architectural landmarks.


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Richard W. Lefever, PE

Mr. Lefever is the President and founder of Facade Maintenance Design as an independent organization. In 1999, he purchased FacadeMDfrom the parent firms DeSimone Consulting Engineers PLLC and SBLM Architects PC. Prior to the purchase, Mr. Lefever had been General Manager of FacadeMDsince 1988.

Mr. Lefever is responsible for the daily coordination of and production of all activities, including condition analysis, reports, construction documents and construction administration. Under Mr. Lefever's guidance, FacadeMDhas expanded from a New York-centered firm to a regional firm.

Mr. Lefever has managed facade, structural and waterproofing restoration and rehabilitation projects for dozens of buildings throughout the eastern half of the United States. He has provided expert testimony in New York and Florida on masonry restoration and waterproofing.

Mr. Lefever is a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Association of Preservation Technology (APT), the Sealant Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWRI), and is a frequent presenter at various industry technical events. He holds an engineering degree from Lafayette College, has studied architecture at Columbia University, and is a graduate of the RESTORE masonry restoration course.

Mark Anderson, AIA
Vice President, Director of Historic Preservation

Mr. Anderson studied architecture at City College of New York (CCNY) and Historic Preservation in the Masters Degree Program at Columbia University and has also studied architecture in Italy and historic preservation in Istanbul. Mr. Anderson has been an integral part of FacadeMDfor over fifteen years, where he has designed and observed every phase of exterior restoration.

Mr. Anderson has been the leader of the design team for the restoration of facades such as the landmarked 90 West Street, Woolworth, McGraw Hill, and Fuller Buildings as well as the restoration of the interior ceilings and stained glass of the landmarked Gould Memorial Library.

Mr. Anderson is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWRI), the Association of Preservation Technology (APTNE), the chairman of the Westerleigh Historic Preservation Committee, and a director of the Architecture Alumni Association of CCNY.

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