FacadeMD Facade Maintenance Design, PC


944 Fifth Avenu, New York944 FIFTH AVENUE
Insignia Residential Group (Manager)
New York City

Restoration, Roofing & Waterproofing and Window Rehabilitation

FacadeMD conducted a survey of exterior penthouse walls from roof, evaluation of existing roofing and penthouse terrace waterproofing systems, and design of rehabilitation for selected original wood-framed windows. FacadeMDprepared and filed construction documents for restoration and replacement work, and coordinated bidding and filing processes. in addition to performing periodic visits to the site during construction.

FacadeMD coordinated replacement of cracked and displaced face brick, replacement of deteriorated roofing and terrace waterproofing systems, including perimeter flashing secured inside masonry walls, partial replacement of deteriorated parapet walls, pointing of deteriorated mortar, and design of new decorative pavement system.

Work was performed in accordance with FacadeMD's construction documents, with minimal disturbance to building staff and tenants of this local landmarked cooperative residence, completing the assignment within the anticipated budget and on schedule.


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