FacadeMD Facade Maintenance Design, PC


Millenium MDA (Developer) - Boston, MA
Millenium Partners (Developer) - New York City
Le Triomphe Property Group (Developer) - New Orleans, LA

Ritz Carlton, BostonIn Boston, FacadeMDconducted a survey of exterior walls, from the ground, from roofs, from pipe staging and swing scaffolding, identifying and analyzing deteriorated conditions and leading to the preparation of construction documents for restoration work. FacadeMDprofessionals administered replacement of the original poor quality cast concrete detail stones with high quality cast concrete ornamental panels, matching the original appearance.

Boston's Local landmark building had been deemed unsafe due to loose fragments on exterior walls and had massive sidewalk bridging in place for several years prior to this project. Previous recommendations included removing all face brick from the building and installing additional substructure which would have required replacement of all interior finishes. The FacadeMDTeam developed a simple testing process to show that the existing wall structure was suitable for minor upgrading and pinning of the existing face brick in place, resulting in substantial cost savings to the owner.

In New York, FacadeMDconducted a survey of exterior walls, from ground, setback roofs and swing scaffold to identify and analyze deteriorated conditions, leading to preparation of construction documents for restoration work. FacadeMDalso assisted in detailing for new construction at the top of the building, assisted in bidding and filing processes, and performed periodic visits to the site during construction.

FacadeMD professionals administered extensive renovation and modernization of this structure, originally the St. Moritz Hotel, including the replacement of cracked and displaced face brick, the replacement and stabilization of existing terra cotta ornamentation with new GFRC and cast stone to match the original, pointing of deteriorated mortar, and repair of corroded structural steel.

Ritz Carlton, New YorkWhere previous developers had been frightened off by the visible cracking and reportedly poor condition of the existing masonry and ornamentation, FacadeMDanalysis indicated a repairable condition of existing masonry walls within the owner's project parameters.

In New Orleans, FacadeMDperformed similar investigative and analytical services leading to construction documents detailing recommended repairs to the locally-beloved former Maison Blanche department store.

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