FacadeMD Facade Maintenance Design, PC


HSBC Bank (Owner)
New York City

Owners of this local landmark building and flagship structure of HSBC USA, commissioned the FacadeMDTeam to conduct an emergency survey of projecting ornamental copper detailing where a small section had fallen to the street.

FacadeMD professionals evaluated the copper and supporting armature and recommended repairs, but also found extensive deterioration at the slate-clad mansard roof. FacadeMDthen conducted a survey of exterior walls and roofs, from the ground, from the roof and from pipe scaffolding, and performed Identification and analysis of deteriorated conditions, leading to the preparation of construction documents for restoration work. FacadeMDprofessionals administered replacement of cracked and displaced face brick, replacement of ornamental copper at projecting water tables and cornice, replacement of the slate mansard roof, and pointing of deteriorated mortar.

FacadeMD performed periodic visits to the site during construction as well as handling coordination of filing and bidding of designed repairs and coordination of meetings with owner and contractors.

During implementation of the extensive restoration program, the building remained fully occupied by senior bank executives. Most of the ornamental copper was repaired in place, affecting a substantial savings in time and money.

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